Practical rental programs that meet your changing needs.

We off an extensive inventory of rental equipment from leading manufacturers. Every machine goes through a rigorous inspection by our expert service techs.

Our commitment to quality equipment and flexible rental options make sure you can get your job done right. Construction equipment rental is a great option if you’re trying to grow your business. You can get what you need when you need it without having to tie up a lot of cash in buying equipment or get locked into a lease on a piece of equipment that doesn’t meet your long-term needs.

Whether your need is a three-week rental or a three-month rental, you have the flexibility to try out equipment from different manufacturers with the option to buy the equipment in the future. It just makes sense.

Rental Fleet

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Please see listing below for a sampling of our current rental fleet. Subject to availability.

Asphalt Equipment

Vibratory Rollers

Roller Weight Drum Width
Wacker RD 12A 1 Ton 35.4”
Hamm HD 10 2 Ton 39”
Hamm HD 12 3 Ton 47”
Hamm HD 14 5 Ton 54”
Hamm HD 70 7 ton 59”
Hamm HD 110 12 Ton 66”
Hamm HD 120 13 Ton 78”

Oscillatory Rollers

Roller Weight Drum Width
Hamm HD110  11 Ton 66”
Hamm HD 120 13 Ton 78”

Pneumatic Rollers

Roller Weight Drum Width
Hamm HD 14  5 Ton 54”
HP 280i 25 Ton 72”
HP 100i 12 Ton 68”

Combination Rollers

Roller Weight Drum Width
Hamm HD 14  5 Ton 54”
Hamm HD 110 10 Ton 66”

Milling Machines

Machine Width Cut
Wirtgen W50Ri 20”
Wirtgen W60Ri 24”
Wirtgen W120 48”
Wirtgen W150 48”
Wirtgen W200 7’3”


Machine Size
Lee Boy 1000 8’ Track Paver
Lee Boy 8500 8’ Track Paver
Lee Boy 8510 8’ Track Paver
Lee Boy 8520 8’ Track Paver
Lee Boy 8616 8′ Track Paver
Lee Boy 5300 4’ – 7’ Cart Path Paver
Vogele Super 700 4’ – 7’ Cart Path Paver
Vogele Super 1703 8’ Rubber Tired Paver
Vogele Super 1700 8’ Track Paver
Vogele Super 2000 10’ Track Paver

Crack Sealing

Machine Gallon
Cimline M2DH 230

Hot Box

Machine Size
Falcon  4 Ton Trailer


Machine Size
Rosco 1900 Gallon Distributor Truck

Aggregate Equipment


Machine Type
Kleemann Mobirex MR 110 EVO 2 Impact Crusher


Machine Size
MSC702i 5’ X 15’ Double Deck
MSC953i EVO 5’ X 20’ Triple Deck


Machine Size
KW 80 80’ Stacker

Road Widener

Machine Size
Midland SPD 6
Midland SPD 8

Soil Equipment


Machine Size
Hamm H 7i  66” Smooth Drum
Hamm H 10i 84” Smooth Drum
Hamm H 10iP 84” Pad Foot Drum


Machine Size
Lee Boy 685 Articulated Grader
Huber Maintainer


Machine Size
Wirtgen WR 240 8’ Width
Wirtgen WR 250 8’ Width


Street Sweepers

Machine Size
Stewart-Amos S-4XL Mechanical Sweeper


Machine Size
Rosco NB25 Three Wheel Center Mount Broom
Rosco RB 50 Four Wheel Center Mount Broom

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